Craft Beer in Connecticut...Check out these Breweries!
Lee Gilbert , Editor | Feb 3, 2015
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Half Full Brewery: Stamford, CT: Half Full Brewery located in Stamford Connecticut and is a wonderful brewery. Starting from passion and love for craft beer, Half Full continues this today and it shows in the beer they produce. From their amazing IPA to their Toasted Amber, Half Full Brewing puts love into every batch. Check the Half Full website out for information on tours and tastings!

IPA: Half Full Brewery’s IPA is a great one… Brewed with the perfect amount of hops and malts, this beer is a drinkable IPA that any beer lover would enjoy. this beer has a sweet aroma and a rusty, golden color with nice thin lacing throughout the pint. Moderate hop flavors provide, grassy and light citrus notes while the rye provides a dry spiciness to the table. While some rye IPAs are a little too much on the dry side, this beer is not. It is perfectly balanced to really create a distinct flavor on the pallet that you will enjoy with each sip you take.

Half Full Bright Ale: Half Full Brewery’s Bright Ale is a wonderful summer time beer! Its pour has a clean golden color and a thin coating of white head that slowly fizzled off. Aroma has light dry hops, citrus, and pale malts. Mouth feel is good and the carbonation medium to low. The flavor of this beer is special, it has a light pale malted base, dry hops, citrus, and a touch of bitterness into the finish. This is extraordinarily drinkable and I suggest it to anyone that has the chance to get it!

Two Roads Brewing Company: Stratford, CT: Two Roads Brewing Company located in Stratford Connecticut is a great brewery. Creating some amazing Craft Beers the people at Two Roads are welcoming and love what they do. Offering tours on the weekend, Two Roads is definitely a brewery to check out if you are ever in the area!

Road Jam: Two Roads created a dandy here. The Road Jam is a great fruit beer and is perfect for those hot summer days by the pool or lake! The aroma is of malts, cherries, rhubarb, a little citrus and wheat. The flavor has a little bit of everything, from citrus to cherries and malts you can taste all the aspects in this brew. The berry finish that stays with you after every sip is wonderful. Overall a great beer here and has the definition of Craft Beer as it is unique and creative!

Road 2 Ruin Double IPA: Two Roads created a hoppy masterpiece with this one! This hop-centric double IPA is brewed with Summit, Cascade, Palisade, and Magnum Hops. This mixture in hops thus creates one heck of a beer. With a citrusy and piney aroma, the Road 2 Ruin Double IPA will not let you down. Any IPA lover or bitter beer lover will enjoy this one and I highly suggest you get your hands on this one and give it a try!

Honeyspot Road White IPA: Slightly cloudy, yellow-ish golden color with average, frothy, fairly lasting snow-white head. Pale malty and fruity with a hoppy aroma. The mixture of a Belgian Wit and English Bitter is great. Hints of gooseberry, orange, orange zest is wonderful. This is a great beer it is unique and amazing.

Back East Brewing: Bloomfield, CT: Offering tours on Saturday Back East Brewing is a great Craft Beer Brewery. With a tasting room as well the Back East Brewery is a must stop if you are in the Bloomfield Connecticut area..You will not be disappointed with your visit!

Misty Mountain IPA: Back East Brewery’s Misty Mountain IPA is a great one. With its amazing hoppy aroma and crisp hot bite with each sip you will be smiling all the way while enjoying this one. The Back East Misty Mountain IPA has a smooth medium body and the perfect amount of a bitter and hoppy flavor that is just right. This IPA is spectacular.

Porter: Back East’s Porter is a solid one. With notes of Chocolate and Caramel create a wonderful flavor for this brew. With sweet maltiness and the perfect amount of hops this beer is balanced to perfection. Perfect for those winter nights this porter is a perfectly balanced beer and if you can find it I suggest you give it a try.

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