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Lee Gilbert
Editor, Beerin' It

About this community:

Beerin' It is a community dedicated to people who enjoy beer. Whether you are a home brewer or just a weekend drinker this community will explore the world of beer and its hot topics. Beerin' It will be the destination for discovering and exploring everything one needs to know about beer given the growing popularity of micro and craft brewing.

About the editor:

Lee Gilbert graduated from Syracuse University in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Communications and Rhetorical Studies (CRS). CRS focuses on communicative discourse and its interactional consequences. By studying the complexities of communication and the social realities in the marketing context, Lee has put into practice the art of persuasive communication.

Lee is currently a marketing analyst at engageSimply. At engageSimply, Lee provides the social context by which brands can effectively communicate with a passion or problem based community. Lee previously worked for Mark Stevens & Company, a marketing and business advisory firm that helps accelerate client growth, as well as marketing at NBC sports. While growing up in Scarsdale New York, Lee played both hockey and golf in high school which has led to a strong passion for both sports. As evidenced by his love for The History Channel, Lee loves to travel, explore the world, and meet new people to understand how communication affects behavior.