8 Amazing IPA's You Gotta Try!
Lee Gilbert , Editor | Aug 19, 2014
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Fat Heads Head Hunter IPA: I can’t get enough of this beer. Wow it is amazing and any hop head would be happy with this brew. The aroma that hits you is amazing, and filled with citrus and hoppy smells. The tropical fruits and medium body with just the right amount of hoppiness and bitterness is perfect and keeps your mouth and pallet happy. The rush of flavors that hits your taste buds is one of a kind. This beer is epic!

8 Wired Brewing Co Hopwired: Great IPA here. This New Zealand brewery sure knows what they are doing. With the use of some special New Zealand malt and hops, the flavor that you get from this brew is truly one of a kind. The hops create a different flavor than the normal American Hops you would see in American IPA’s. Rather than its being grape fruity to piney it is more of a tropical fruit mixture hoppiness that creates some terrific flavors. This is a unique IPA and is really great.

Radiant Pig Junior IPA: This is a combination of an IPA and a Pale Ale. With a perfect amount of hops to make a citrusy and tropical flavor, Radiant Pig has perfected this one. With each sip you take your pallet will keep asking for more. This brew is hopped just right and it is the perfect combination of an IPA and Pale Ale…

Stone Ruination IPA: With a beautiful dark amber pour and an amazin aroma of pine and caramel hints this is a spectacular IPA. A big hoppy and fruity flavor rushes into your mouth with every sip you take. The background flavors of sweet fruits and malt complete the perfect balance for this beer. Stone really made a great one here!

Central Waters Glacial Trail IPA: This American style IPA will keep your taste buds extremely happy! Central Waters has made a great beer that is not too overpowering for an IPA. Slight fruity and hoppy flavors hit your palate first with a smooth and refreshing background. With a little grapefruit and other tropical fruit notes in their this is the perfect IPA for the non IPA lover.

River Horse Hop-A-Lot-Amus: This is a great double IPA from River Horse. Using Chinook, Simcoe, Cascade, and Centennial hops. Hot-A-Lot-Amus is packed with hoppy deliciousness. Pine and citrus notes that are backed by a rich malt base creates the perfect balance for this double IPA and the flavors will hit your pallet beautifully. This is a great double IPA that is balanced just right!

Dogfish Head 90 Min IPA: One of my favorite Dogfish Head brews is the 90 Min IPA. Not as powerful as the 120 min, the 90 min is an IPA lovers dream beer. Perfectly hoppy and recognized by Esquire Magazine as one of the best if not the best IPA’s in America. With each sip you will be wanting more with this one!

Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA: Rogue is one of my favorite breweries in the country. With a strong love for the “craft” Rogue creates masterpieces with each brew they make. Fruity and tropical notes hit you with a solid bitter side as well. Perfectly balanced with malts this brew has a great finishing flavor and overall is a great IPA.

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