10 Commandments of Craft Beer
Lee Gilbert , Editor | Jun 13, 2014
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I. Thou shalt not be a beer snob.

This is the first and foremost commandment. Acting superior, insulting others' tastes, or generally being unwelcoming to those trying new beers is forbidden.

II. Thou shalt not drink to become inebriated.
Although getting a nice glow from drinking craft beer is a pleasant side effect sometimes, thou shall not make drunkenness the goal. If that be your quest, leave beer paradise and join the tribe of Jaegermeister drinkers in the Land of Hangover.

III. Thou shalt share your beer.
Beer is not to be hoarded. Beer karma is a real thing and what thou giveth shall be returned to you tenfold–as long as thou keepeth company with the righteous in the beer tribe.

IV. Thou shalt try new beers.
It is easy to find one style and cling to it. Be not so fearful, however, and venture forth into many styles, knowing there are Beer Angels guiding you.

V. Thou shalt drink local beers.
This is not an injunction against quaffing brews from other areas, but rather a reminder that all beer is local to someone and local beers are usually the freshest. Drinking locally also helps your local economy.

VI. Thou shalt drink real ale.
Cask ale can be hard to come by, but when you see it, you owe it to the purveyor and yourself to have one. Because it only stays fresh for a couple of days, many venues shy away from carrying it. As a disciple in the craft beer congregation, you need to support those who take this chance.

VII. Thou shalt not insult non-craft drinkers.
People drink what they like. And you will never get them to try a craft beer by talking negatively about what they currently drink. Be open and kind and guide them along this path gently.

VIII. Thou shalt not fear asking questions.
No one knows everything, and if someone seems to, they are probably faking it. Beer should be a social and interactive experience where people can speak and ask questions freely. It is not a contest.

IX. Thou shalt tip well.
This commandment goes for all drinking and eating out, but craft beer tribespeople need to lead the way. We are blessed to have such an embarrassment of riches these days. Show your appreciation appropriately.

X. Thou shalt drink what thou likest.
Although one must endeavor to try new beers (see No. IV) and one must not be a snob (see No. I), thou shouldest enjoy the fruits of the Beer Gods as thou sees fit. Do not be cowed by beer snobs or made to feel bad for your choices. Drink, enjoy, and love thy beer.

George Lenker |Jun 13, 2014
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